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Section “Negotino (Kavadarci) - Bitola“
МЕР АД Скопје

 According to the Law on borrowing by the Republic of North Macedonia from Deutsche Bank and Erste Bank under the Facility Agreement for the Project “Gasification of the Republic of Macedonia – Phase 1 section Stip – Negotino - Bitola and section Skopje – Tetovo – Gostivar”, funds for the construction of section “Negotino (Kavadarci) – Bitola” have been provided.

The construction began in February 2017 and is expected to be completed until June 2021.

Status of realization:

Finished 2022

Technical parameters:
  • Line part in length of 92 km with pipe diameter DN 500 (20”);
  • Valve stations: VS (DN500) 5 pcs, VS (DN200) 2 pcs, VS (DN150) and VS (DN80);
  • Pig Launching station DN 500;
  • GMRS „Feni industry”, with capacity Q=15 000 m3/h;
  • GMRS „Prilep”, with capacity Q=24 000 m3/h;
  • GMRS „Bitola”, with capacity Q=28 000 m3/h.
Description of the route:

The route of section “Negotino (Kavadarci) – Bitola” starts from Kavadarci – Sopot, it intersects the Crna river, continues through the place Drenovo, then it cuts the Cerechevica river, moves along the slopes of the mountain range and the valley of the Svinjarnica river. The line of the gas pipeline crosses the riverbed of the Bela and Dujras rivers, passes through the old road to Prilep and enters the valley of the Karatmanica river, then it cuts the Zapolska river along which the route rises in height through forested areas. South of the city of Prilep, the route turns south and passes through rural properties, cuts the Volkovska and Stavichka rivers and then moves along the non-forested areas. In the southern direction, the gas pipeline cuts the channels system, intersects the Podmolska and Lopatica rivers and continues through the flatland in places cut by ravines, cutting the Mojanska and Benja rivers. Further, the line cuts a 400kV transmission line, an asphalt highway and the riverbeds of the Crna and Dragor rivers. Moving parallel along the river, the route moves along a flatland, cutting small channels and ends north of the city of Bitola.