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Management bodies
Executive director

Bajram Redzepi – Executive director of NER JSC Skopje

The Executive Director i.e. the Executive member of the Board of Directors represents NER JSC Skopje in the internal and external trade, manages the operations of the company and has the broadest powers to perform all management-related matters. He also implements the decisions of the Board of directors, performs the current activities of the company and acts in all circumstances on behalf of the company.

Board of Directors

Composition of the Board of Directors of NER JSC Skopje:

            Marko Gjorgievski – President,
            Dejan Cvetanoski – non-executive member, and
            Bajram Redzepi – executive member.

The Board of Directors of NER JSC Skopje consists of 3 members, out of which 1 is executive member and 2 are non-executive members, out of which 1 independent member. The Board of Directors, within the authorizations determined by law and the statute, has the broadest powers in the managing of the company within the scope of the company's operations and acts on the company’s behalf in all circumstances, with the exception of the special authorizations given to the members of the board. 

Shareholders’ Assembly

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia as the sole shareholder, performs the rights and obligations of the Assembly. The Shareholders Assembly decides on issues determined by law and the Statute of NER JSC Skopje.