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Inspection of the main gas pipeline Skopje – Tetovo – Gostivar
Published on: 06/11/2020 NER JSC SKOPJE




Statement by Bajram Redzepi, Executive director of National Energy Resources Skopje

“First of all, I would like to thank the Prime Minister and the Ministers for their constant support and commitment for the rapid implementation of this very important project.

Today, we are at the 32nd km of section Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar. This section is 76 km long + 10 km branch to Tetovo.

On this section there are 7 valve stations and 2 GMRS (main metering and regulating stations), GMRS Tetovo with capacity of 22.000 m3/h and GMRS Gostivar with capacity of 16.000 m3/h. The realization by situations is around 66%, but the actual one is more than 70%. Although we are facing major administrative problems due to the pandemic, currently there are construction activities in 6 different locations.

The biggest problem we are facing with is the resolving of property and legal relations, because since March due to the pandemic, the Property and Legal Affairs Office has canceled all sessions and discussions with the parties (owners of the plots). But in intensive and daily communication with the Office, we have already overcome this problem and in the coming days the process of expropriation will start again and thus the dynamics of the realization of the project will intensify.

In section Negotino-Bitola, the realization by situations is around 92%. In this section we have another change during construction near Feni, whose infrastructure project we expect to be quickly adopted by the Ministry of transport and communications, in order to obtain the approval for construction and complete this section in length of 92 km quickly.

Although in times of pandemic it is ungrateful to define any exact deadlines, we expect that the section to Bitola will be completed during the first quarter of next year and the section to Tetovo during the second half of next year”.