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A short extension of the deadlines for the construction of the gas pipeline is possible
Published on: 24/09/2019 NER JSC SKOPJE

The merger of “GA-MA” with National Energy Resources (NER), after the Government becomes full owner of this natural gas transmission company, for gasification it will mean accelerating the process, single and cheaper tariff, efficiency and effectiveness, says the executive director of NER, Bajram Redzepi, for “Meta”.

However, according to him, it is a necessary but insufficient condition for gas to reach households and industry.

"Several prerequisites need to be created, such as diversification of sources of supply, rapid and efficient construction of the distribution network, subsidization of the internal installations and several other prerequisites in order that cheap gas could reach every family. Basing on the study for the construction and development of the distribution network and taking into consideration the European best practices, the Government has already decided to build the distribution network by means of a public-private partnership. The municipalities can certainly help if they make good and sustainable projects, especially when we know that the process of obtaining a building permit is complex and it takes a long time” says Redzepi.

He estimates that there has been exceptionally good progress in the construction of the transmission gas pipeline system, but that there will be a short extension of the deadlines. “The procedure for resolving property and legal relations has started too late. This may be a major reason for short extension of the deadlines. But we will estimate it by the end of the year" adds Redzepi.