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Working meeting in Bulgaria
Published on: 10/02/2022 NER JSC SKOPJE


At the meeting of the Joint Commission for transport, infrastructure and energy in Sofia together with the Ministers of transport and local self-government Mr. Bochvarski and Mr.Milevski and the counterpart Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, we defined our common priorities in order to increase our capacities for gas transmission, construction of the new gas interconnector Strumica - Petrich, our partnership in the LNG terminal in Alexandropolis, the use of the capacities of the natural gas tanks on the Bulgarian territory, as well as the organization of the common market and cooperation in many other areas of common interest. All these specific projects are aimed at providing quality and competitive services in the energy market, diversification, stabilization and security of supply.

I am strongly convinced that the new approach of both governments will not only enable the start of negotiations with the EU, but will also raise a significant level of cooperation and trade between the two countries.