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Redzepi: A gas outlet will cost around EUR 100, the adaptation of home appliances around EUR 1.500!
Published on: 13/02/2020 NER JSC SKOPJE

In order to use gas, the households for the adaptation of home appliances, will need around EUR 1.500, said the director of National energy resources, Bajram Redzepi, in the tonight’s appearance on “Economic magazine” at Alsat. As he says, there are some opinions one part of these costs to be subsidized.

“Gas will be mostly used for heating, cooking, hot water in the residential facilities. This means that all households, that have heating systems, should adapt them in order to use gas. They will also have to buy a gas cooker and a gas boiler. In fact, according to the feasibility study, the costs for this, in an apartment of 85m2, a family of four will need around EUR 1.500 for the adaptation of the internal system. This price will be high for many families especially for the social cases and those who receive welfare support. Therefore, we are planning as a government one part to be subsidized and for one part soft credits to be used, said Redzepi.

According to the first man of National energy resources the gas outlet for households will be around EUR 100.