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Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi and the Director of NER Redzepi: Gasification is going according to the planned dynamics, natural gas will contribute to environmental protection, savings and greater economic competitiveness
Published on: 26/11/2020 NER JSC SKOPJE


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia in charge of economic affairs, coordination of economic departments and investments, Fatmir Bytyqi, met with the director of JSC National Energy Resources, Bajram Redzepi, to discuss the dynamics of construction of the primary gas pipeline system, selection of a contractor for the gas distribution network and gas interconnection with Greece and other neighboring countries.

At the first working meeting with the Director Redzepi, the Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi pointed out that he was satisfied with the dynamics of construction of the primary gas pipeline network, which is going according to plan and added that this process must continue smoothly. At the same time, he stressed that the process of selecting a company, which on the principle of public-private partnership would build, maintain and manage the distribution system, continues in parallel.

In this way, simultaneously it would be worked on the construction and commissioning of the primary and secondary gas pipeline network. The ultimate goal is the citizens and companies get diversified opportunities for energy supply while the use of natural gas as fuel would also contribute to environmental protection, saving financial resources and greater competitiveness of the companies. The capital investments in gas infrastructure and all other capital investments will be monitored by the Central Unit for supervision and realization of capital investments, which will be formed by the Government, ensuring a high level of realization, added Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi.


The Deputy Prime Minister and the Director of NER also talked about the plans for construction of the gas interconnection with the Republic of Greece, which will diversify the country's natural gas supply sources through the Alexandroupolis LNG terminal and other sources used by the Greek operator DESFA.  This interconnection, besides the current connection with the Republic of Bulgaria, will provide another source for the country's natural gas supply and will also position North Macedonia as a regional natural gas hub, which gas can be later distributed in some neighboring countries.


The realization of capital investments in the gas infrastructure, both primary and secondary, the gas interconnection with Greece and other countries in the region, will be the focus of JSC National Energy Resources in the coming years, said Director Redzepi and added that the provision of natural gas as a source of energy for companies and households will lead to reduced costs, but also reduction of pollution and environmental protection, i.e. better living conditions of the citizens in North Macedonia. 

Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi and the director Redzepi emphasized their shared intentions regarding the fastest possible realization of the gasification process, agreeing to continuously and jointly monitor all ongoing processes and work on efficient implementation of the planned projects.