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The square onyx markers are unique to the Speedmaster. The watch bracelet is solid gold. It has a deployant clasp with stripes that run along its length. Only a goldsmith can remove and replace the links. Many vintage watches have been replaced with a modern bracelet, which is more convenient but not original. I've seen some collectors do the same thing with a JB Champion gold-plated watch, but I would be concerned about scratching its inner lugs.

This Speedmaster bezel was also unique, as it was burgundy in colour and featured a "DON", or Dot Over Ninety configuration that was typical of watches made before 1970. The classic tome Moon Watch sheds light on how these watches were distributed.

Watches '1 and '2 were intended for the now famous White House habitués, but they declined them. NASA astronauts were gifted the watches numbered '3' to '29', including Alan Shepard (3), Wally Schirra (8), and Neil Armstrong (17).

In 1972 and 1973, astronauts still on their 1969 missions were presented with a '1001'-'1008'. '1,009 to '1,014 were given to "personalities", although I'm not sure what that means.

The "DON", or Dot Over Ninety, configuration on the burgundy insert bezel of the BA 145.022. (Omega Replica Watches)

Two dial types were used on the BA 145.022. Early production watches are thought to have dials with an oval Hublot Replica Watches "O", while later watches use dials with a round Hublot Replica Watches "O".

There are four types of engraving on the casebacks. All watches that were given to astronauts,Richard Mille Replica Watches as well as watches "1" and "2", feature the owner’s name, along with the words: "to mark the conquest of man's space with time, though time, on time."

Three different engravings were used on the casebacks of watches offered to civilians. The caseback engravings on the first generation watches were thin, while those of the second and third generations featured thick engravings.